Toro GrandStand® Multi Force Mulch Force Mulch Dump

The Toro Company

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Model: 78597

  • Move Big, Move Fast - Move up to 10.7 cubic feet and 250 lbs. of mulch at speeds up to 10 mph
  • Higher Level Thinking - Adjustable front door allows you to pull into mulch conveyors with 30" of ground clearance
  • Finesse and Protect - Deposits mulch 10" away from front tires to eliminate tree ring damage


You have a job to do, and you want to get it done efficiently. Moving and spreading mulch is no easy task, especially when you use an oldfashioned wheelbarrow. Get with the times – the Toro MULCH FORCE bucket helps you to move nearly twice as much mulch three times as fast per load as using a traditional wheelbarrow. The hydraulically driven MULCH FORCE dump enables you to easily dump the exact amount in tree rings or retainers. This is mulch efficiency at its finest.

Additional parts required.
Low-Flow Hydraulics Kit (Boss) - part # MSC13950


Attachment Type MultiForce Pro Mulch Force Mulch Dump
Height 17.5 in. / 44.5 cm
Hopper Capacity 10.7 cubic Feet
Length 43 in. / 109.2 cm
Product Type Attachment
Weight 150 lbs. / 68 kg
Width 38 in. outer width (96.5 cm) / 35 in. inner hopper width (88.9 cm)

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