Ruffies 60 Count 33 Gallon Large Trash Bags


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 The Ruffies® brand provides consumers with value trash bag solutions for their indoor and outdoor needs. The offering includes tall kitchen, large trash, lawn and leaf, and sort and recycling bags.

Quality and Value in the Bag
Ruffies® Pure Flexx Stretch Bags™ are strong and flexible, which helps meet your toughest trash needs. These bags stretch without stretching your budget.

Rely on Ruffies®
Ruffies® Pure Flexx Stretch Bags™ stay put. The flexible drawstring hugs the can, so the bag won't slip. To close, simply pull the drawstring and tie to secure.

Combat unpleasant odors
Let's face it, trash does not smell good. Ruffies® unscented odor control trash bags have a built in odor control that combats unwanted odors before they start.

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