Mazel Nails 1# 3/4 Galvanize Poultry Staples (1# 3/4)

Mazel Nails

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We offer a broad selection of bulk and packaged nails to cover all needs.
We have only the highest quality nails from the top manufacturers in North America and oversees.
Our strong supplier relationships and financial stability allow us to maintain a huge on-hand inventory throughout the year.
Our full line of nails includes: 50 and 25 pound bulk boxes and five and one pound packages that come in easy-to-handle, self-displaying master cartons.
Nails are packaged in sturdy, brightly colored boxes and have easy-to-read, high-gloss UPC coded labels.
Our extensive line of nails includes: bright, ring shank & galvanized common, vinyl coated sinkers, galvanized box & siding, bright & galvanized finish, galvanized casing, various galvanized decking, hardwood trim, fluted & cut mansonry, ring shank & phosphate drywall, ring shank underlayment, flooring, pole barn, various galvanized roofing, various spikes, pallet, plastic & steel cap, bright, coated and galvanized fence staples and other specialty nails.

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